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Staff Training offers Online KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Assessment Checks as an optional addition to most of our workshops, helping to improve the implementation of new skills and increase the ROI of soft skills training.

The process is as follows:

A week after the delegate has attended their workshop, we invite them to identify a minimum of three areas in which they would like to improve on in their current positions, based on the theory and tools learnt during the training.

After these areas have been identified by the delegate, in about a month's time (allowing sufficient opportunity to implement the necessary changes), Staff Training will request the learner to expand on how these improvements were made, mentioning the specific tools and theory they have relied on and the challenges they came up against.

This info is then compiled into a report and sent to the delegate's manager/training coordinator to assist in future goal setting and performance management.

The Online KPI Check process is completed after around two months.

Online KPI Assessment Checks are available at a rate of R375.00 (incl. VAT) per delegate.

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