SETA Information

SETA Information

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Staff Training is SETA Accredited: Decision No. 4018

How to go about claiming your SETA contributions?

Make sure you are registered with the appropriate SETA for your industry and that you are paying Skills Development Levies (SDL).

Appoint a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) or training officer and register this person with the SETA.
This is an appointee (internal or external) who will be responsible for identifying the training requirements of your organisation.

The SDF must submit a training plan to your SETA.
This plan is called a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).

Now simply implement your plan. For example you will send five of your junior managers on our "Developing Your Management Potential I" workshop.

Then submit your Annual Training Report (ATR) to your SETA, specifiying your compliance with your own Workplace Skills Plan.

The deadline for both the WSP and ATR is April 30.

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