HR Resource Centre

HR Resource Centre

Skills Development & Career Paths

This is a must-have source of information for persons responsible for the training portfolio of their organisations
Assisting HR and Training Managers in keeping track of soft skills development
Download this document to view the possible progression of a Receptionist within an organisation
This tool has been designed to assist with the upliftment of staff members to the Receptionist Position
This download will help you understand the benefits of your training in order to make a presentation to your company
Employee Morale & Discipline
Contains useful and practical ideas for improving communication within a company or organisation
18 Team Building ideas (with approximate duration) to help improve teamwork and communication
Includes verbal, written and final warnings, dismissals, what to do before disciplining and various useful templates
Training Needs Evaluations
Determine what training your Call Centre Agents requires with this easy to use Call Centre Agent Training Needs Evaluation
Determine what training your Receptionist requires with this easy to use Receptionist Training Needs Evaluation
35 pages of highly useful information for anyone looking to improve their efficiency at work
Determine what training your Managers require with this easy to use Manager Training Needs Evaluation
Determine what training your Assistant Manager requires with this easy to use Assistant Manager Training Needs Evaluation
Download a selection of basic, generic job descriptions
Goal Setting & Problem Solving


A tool to concisely describe and plan goals, activities, people responsible, resources required and deadlines to be met
A tool to help you explore causes and effects of the problems you face, ensuring that you treat root causes and not symptoms
HR Policy


This guide will help you formulate a comprehensive drugs and alcohol policy for your company

Other Free Resources