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Hi Carolyn,

I trust you are well.

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely AWESOME course you did with me, I have learnt soooo much and really appreciate you helping me in my role within the company to use my personality to its full potential.

I just wanted to give you a head’s up when I got back to the office I gave my Director feedback on everything we did and what we spoke about suggesting that our Senior managers come for training as well. I have suggested the Management Potential II outline.

I have asked that I also be included in the training as that is what I want to head for is a managerial role.

Personally, it was the most refreshing experience. It was amazing to be guided to identify the different personality trade especially my own and learn to find ways to better manage oneself.

Regardless of how one feel with who you are in terms of loyalty and integrity , it was great to have an assessment and evaluation reassure you that what you have been doing is right.

On a work level. I felt inspired and definitely identified the gaps. On how to improve my management style to enhance my teams performance.

I also learnt that my core being “Helper and stick to the rules” made me realise that I need to let go and have my team focus on their own personal growth because by me helping them always is blocking their chances from growing. As people we have to trust and allow people to make mistakes.

This also helped me relook at my future in terms of my career, I am 31 years with experience and not academic qualifications within my career and that is somewhat stressful. However as I learnt, it is never too late.

So overall, I am happy and grateful to be given the opportunity to attend this class.

Thank you,

Kind Regards
Nuraan Dreyer
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Dear Staff Training Team

With overwhelming gratitude, I remain grateful, for the opportunity to have worked with you as a service provider at my current employment. Thank you for your assistance in upskilling our staff, I will definitely be making contact in 2019.

May you and your family have a wonderful festive season.

I’ve recently attended an emotional intelligence course for 2 days.

Overall I found it extremely helpful and learnt a lot about myself that I never knew, I also feel that this course will definitely help me in my job as well as my personal life to improve me as a person and to provide guidance to my peers as well.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone to attend a course like this as it will help with their emotions and better ways to handle difficult situations or goals in life.

Kind Regards
Kevin Davids
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