Staff Training Testimonials

Staff Training Testimonials

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Good Morning Staff Training Team!

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every workshop especially the Assertiveness workshop and love the role-play method of understanding and applying different methods to achieve your goal. I hope management will see potential and let me attend other workshops as well. I have spoken highly and commended your workshops to management and hope they also send other staff in the near future. Wishing you and your team a wonderful Spring and may you grow from strength to strength..

Best regards, Thahir

Hello Debbie,

You won't believe it when I say it was FANTASTIC! I'm very confident now and the way I approached clients and guests here has really improved. Thank you so much for a wonderful time with you, I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

With kind regards, Yvette Boonzaaier, Grand Provence

Hi There!

All I can say is thank you very much for the Frontline/Reception training, people are seeing me differently and I can communicate much better with the people around me. Everything that I learnt, I am putting into practice. We don't have that old system any longer. We have a new system where if a customer should phone they can either phone us back or they can leave a message.

Many thanks, Candice, Tradewinds

Hi Debbie,

I would really like to thank you for the wonderful workshop you presented to us, I learned a lot and enjoyed it. It is not everybody that has the ability to get a message across to the next person. You can host another workshop anyday!

Kathy, Pearson Education

As a starting point, Staff Training courses (our company has done the Retail Assistants and the Managerial courses) have always been absolutely great: Debbie's teaching skills are not only easy to follow, but quite challenging at the same time - they allow for a lot of reciprocal feedback as well as personal initiative and thought.

Will we make use of her company again? I would have to say a definite "yes"! Firstly, we liked the fact that with Debbie, we can arrange that the trainer comes to you, rather than having to organize for staff to find the venue (which is usually a bit of a mission with staff). Secondly, we loved the course content: very reflective of current retail trends (in our case), customer service and how to deal with them, defining the various types of customers, etc. - and the way in which it was all dealt with by the trainer.

Debbie likes to include everyone (even the quieter, not so gregarious employee) and this is a big plus in upping staff's confidence levels. Thirdly, I think the biggest plus is Debbie herself: she has a lot of experience and many stories to share, stories which can assist and really shed some light on your own personal experiences. Her teaching methods are wonderful and very inclusive, whilst at the same time allowing people's characters and personalities and their (sometimes hidden) confidence to really shine through. For our Company (we have been in existence since 1962), not only is a great product necessary, but the service that goes along with that product is absolutely vital.

If you have a great product and a great complementary service (to enhance that product), the consumer will not mind parting with their money. Staff Training's courses help to facilitate the 'how can I do this' part of the equation. I hope all of the above has been helpful and gives you a better idea of the pros of a course through Debbie and her associates. Bottom line: we were extremely happy with the courses we have completed, and with Debbie in particular, and we would not hesitate to use her in the future when we feel another course is necessary.

Lorena - Lorenzi

Dearest Staff Training Team

I just wanted to say a big Thank You So Much for making me feel very welcome during your Assertiveness Training Workshop on the 10th of May! Your friendliness, kindness and amazing ability to listen and communicate effectively, made it a fun filled day to treasure forever! I found the workshop to be extremely insightful , thought provoking and very effective! You created such a fun and relaxed atmosphere and encouraged lots of participation from us - which was stunning and I really enjoyed it ! I have been trying to practise the various skills I learnt in being Assertive and although I am not always successful in this, I do know the seeds have been planted and am far more aware of standing up for myself and saying NO! I am finding it quite a challenge to be specific in my requests but I guess practise makes perfect!

So Thank You for inspiring me to lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life by being assertive! I wish you abundant success in the future and may you continue to shine such a bright light into the darkness! May you always follow your heart's desire and go full steam towards your Destiny!

Many thanks again and have a fantastic day!

Bronwyn Kilroe
Free Spirit Productions
Manager / Researcher

Good Morning,

I had a wonderful flight back home to Nigeria and I resumed at my desk this morning.

Thanks for the beautiful package put together on visual merchandising, it is a program that is really worth learning. The in depth knowledge of the instructor is also appreciated and it came to bear on the course.

Warm regards to all.
Leke Adetomiwa
Snr. Conroller Print Production
Grey Advertising
Insight Communications

To All Gauteng Staff,

I thought I should share with you how empowering, useful, challenging and enjoyable the Time Management course was.

Without going much into detail (for the sake of you Gautengers who are still going to attend the course on Friday), the course gave us an opportunity to look at and assess our lives in toto: How we manage our time at home, in our personal lives and at work.

It challenged us to make a distinction between what is important in our lives and what is urgent. What is "urgent" does not necessarily mean it is important. We had to make commitments to attend to what is urgent, important, less urgent and less important.

It also became clear that to have balanced and meaningful lives, we need to acknowledge that our life is made up of our personal lives (family and self), spiritual lives, emotional lives and work. We should, therefore, balance the time we spend according to these categories.

It was also emphasized that it is important to spend our time on what we deem meaningful in our lives, not in other people's lives; To also set our own goals to achieve, for our own benefit and self fulfillment.

Nuku commented that no one says at his/her death bed "I wish I could have spent more time at work", instead you would hear words like "I wish I could have spent more time with people who meant a lot to me in my life".

The course is not at all a waste of time. Instead it gives one an opportunity to do self introspection and to review of one's commitments, goals, and aspirations. It challenged us to allocate our time accordingly and also to look at things/habits we need to do away with or start adopting, in order to save or use our time more effectively at work and in our personal lives. You can ask Nuku and Lisa, who at first, were restless about attending the course, and would rather have been in the office preparing for their upcoming assessments. If you attend, you won't regret.

Do I hear an AMEN! there Solomzi??

Pension Funds Adjudicator

Hi Debbie,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the course yesterday. You are such a good trainer.
Do you have any workshops on Team-Building at all? If not, would you consider doing something like this for us and how much would it cost?

Also, I would like to do the exercise on defining personality types with staff at our staff meeting on Mon.... Is it possible to send me some guidelines to conduct this? Once again, thanks for a super day.

Kind Regards
Zelma Almano
Duty Manager