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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enneagram?

In short, the Ennegram is a sense-making tool that helps us to understand ourselves and allows us to develop to our best potential. It divides personalities into nine groups, 18 wings, three subtypes, and three instincts.

It should be noted that the Enneagram is an open system that does not "box people in" but is rather a journey of self-discovery.

The Enneagram is a type of personality profile differing from others in that it offers insight into an individual's core gifts, motivations, fears and defense mechanisms.

How does it benefit us?

The Enneagram helps us to understand ourselves and the various personalities we interact with every day. Through discovering the strengths and weaknesses of our own personality type and our motivations for behaviours and reactions, we are better able to work with these to bring optimal outcomes.

Typically what the human race does is to go about our routines in a rather habitual way. Acting in accordance with the pattern of our personality type. What this means is that when we start to become affected by increasing stress or a breakdown in our routine, we are inclined to run on empty, often bringing out our worst coping mechanisms and defenses.

By understanding our own personality type and subsequent reactions, we become more able to avoid negativity and dysfunctional reactions/behaviours.

There are very few people in this world who will not tell you that the Enneagram has been life changing for them. It makes every relationship you have so much easier. It makes you more accountable for your own behaviour (one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself) It opens a world of better understanding, removing the angst and insecurity, the longing and flitting, the exhaustion and the conflict, the boredom and the dulling of the senses, as well as the continual competition. All the time enabling you to make sense of the world and move forward in a way that you see fit.

The History of the Enneagram

The roots of the Enneagram are widely disputed between authors and there are various different theories on where the tool originated.

Its later use, however, it can be traced to a Russian mystic named Gurdjieff who used the Enneagram to explain the unfolding of creation, and later Oscar Ichazo who established a school which used the Enneagram of Personality as part of a larger body of teaching called Protoanalysis. Other big names in the Enneagram world are Claudio Naranjo, Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

Today the Enneagram is used to help us more clearly understand any process and why certain courses of action may work while others not. It is also used to gain insight into business applications, relationships, ourselves, philosophy, our careers and much more.

How does it benefit teams?

The Enneagram can be used on teams the same way it is on individuals, whereby the team's psychology is analysed, a report given, and suggestions on how to maximize the team's efficiency are provided.

How is the Enneagram used in coaching?

Once an individual's personality type has been ascertained using the Enneagram Model a coach is then able to sit with the client and identify areas that require work (on an inter-personal level), are able to set manageable goals and deadlines with the client and find the most effective modes of behaviour for the individual.

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