Info for Delegates

Congratulations on your decision to attend a workshop! We find that some delegates are slightly apprehensive before attending a training session and have therefore designed this page to help you through the door!
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In the meanwhile you can also head over to our Facebook page or Linkedin Page where you can meet our trainers and get to know a bit more about us, hope to see you there!

Your day with us:

What should you be wary of?
Laughing too much!

What should you look forward to?
Coffee, Tea and Lunch served, an interactive, very relaxed atmosphere of fun.

What should you bring along?
Real problems that you experience in the workplace and would like solutions to.

What should you leave behind?
Worries, fears and concerns.

All our workshops have a similar format.
Arrival 08h15
Tea 10h30
Lunch 13h00
Coffee 15h30
Depart 16h30

Dress Code: casual, working.
Supplied: All course material, lunch and refreshments.
Seating: U shape or boardroom.
Atmosphere: Fun, interactive.

Our trainers go out of their way to slowly involve even the quietest of delegates. At NO point are you taken WAY OUT of your comfort zone and guaranteed, by tea time, you will feel as if you belong.

Groups vary in size from six to sixteen.

By departure time, you will find that you have learnt a lot, laughed a lot and made a new friend or two or ten!

Don't delay, book now by following the relevant link from the workshops page or view our training calendar.


Staff Training provides all delegates who attend seminars with a certificate of attendance. These certificates are uniquely coded, digital and traceable. If assessments were requested, the certificates will be certificates of competence.

All certificates are generated from the attendance register that is completed on the day of training in the delegates' own handwriting and contains the delegates' ID number. The delegate must present his/her ID document at the workshop. All certificates reflect the unit standard that the workshop is aligned to, whether assessments are requested or not.

Certificate Dissemination

Certificates are issued to delegates upon completion of the training. The certificates are emailed to the person who booked the training, typically the HR manager of your company, and the individual delegates receive notification of this, at the time. An attendance register accompanies the certificates for the SDF. (You will need this for your ATR)

Copies of certificates issued can also be obtained directly from our website. If you did not receive a certificate, you may download it from the home page Certificate Lookup Query, using the delegate's ID Number to reference our database.

Certificate Verification

Certificates that have been noted as qualifications in a CV can then be verified online by prospective employers or HR managers utilising the Certificate Lookup Query on the home page, and using the delegate's ID Number to reference our database. We have taken this route of digital certificate presentation for a number of reasons. Firstly this approach ensures authenticity for all, it makes verification easy and we believe that we need to look after our planet. This is just another one of our small contributions.

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