Learnerships and Employers

Contracts for Learnerships

    A learnership agreement must be signed by the employer, learner and a training provider.

      A learnership agreement specifies:

    • What the training programme is designed to achieve, e.g. the qualification that the learner will earn and the skills she/he should be able to perform

    • What the responsibilities and rights are of the employer, the learner and the training provider

    You will also have to sign an employment contract only if you are taking on a previously unemployed learner.

Learner Support

Proper learner support structures should be in place in the workplace, to ensure success. This consists of mentors and coaches who will assist learners with practical application of theory.


Although the administration involved, can be a drawback for companies, the financial benefits far outweigh the paperwork involved.

Staff Training will assist in compiling the contracts, help put proper support structures for learners in place and assist the company in all the administration involved in the learnership.

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