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Welcome to the Staff Training Toolbox!

IMPORTANT: Please print the following documents from this page and bring them along to the training

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Prepare Yourself


Here you will find information about the structure of Staff Training courses, what to expect on the day, and various tools to help keep you motivated.

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To ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your time with us, please take note of the following:

Bring Your Challenges

Our workshops are fun, interactive and real! This is why we want you to bring your current, everyday, real challenges along. Think about these, jot them down and we'll explore them during the course of our training. Together we will find a solution that fits you!

Find us

For inhouse workshops we have to find you - we'll sort this out with the training coordinator. For open hosted workshops you'll have to find us ... if you haven't been given a map you can view one online or download the appropriate one from the link below.

Cape Town - Thyme Spa and Wellness
Cape Town - Ramasibi

Johannesburg - Oaklands Inn
Durban - Sica's Guesthouse
Polokwane - Bolivia Lodge
Port Elizabeth Map - Sir Roys Guesthouse

The Etiquette

Most of our workshops take place from 08h30 until 16h30 unless arranged otherwise. Often if they are at your premises, we may start at 09h00. Please be prompt, that way we can guarantee home times!

Cellphones: We ask that all phones are switched off and/or silent and that no calls be taken during the workshops.


Duration 08h30 to 16h30. We have breaks at 10h15, 13h00 and 15h00

Dress: Business / Casual

Stationery: Our training manuals provide plenty of space for notes, but please feel free to bring a notepad if so desired. Please also bring something to write with.

If you are attending Minute Taking, Business Writing or Report Writing, please bring your laptop with (if possible) as well as a sample of your minutes/report that we will use during training.


Our certificates are electronically generated and emailed to the person who made the booking. This should be concluded within a working week of you attending your workshop. The easiest way to check for your certificate is to enter your ID number in the Certificate Lookup box on the home page

Haven't received yours yet? Send an email to

Just a quick note as to what tools are: Similar to the use of hammers, screws, nails and/or drills to hang a picture, we need tools such as software, theories, sytems or hardware for business. We are adding some of these for you below. These will make more sense to you once you have attended the relevant workshops.

Please Trust Us

This document contains everything you need to know about building good telephonic relationships, neatly summarised into an easy to remember acronym.

Please Trust Us

Logical Framework Approach

This goal setting tool is a must have for anyone who is serious about setting, monitoring and evaluating their goals in a concise and effective way.

What is the LFA?
Logical Framework Approach


This exploratory tool is designed to help you understand the root causes of your problems to ensure your goal setting is approached correctly. This tool works well in conjunction with the Logical Framework Approach

What is the Fishikawa?
The Fishikawa Diagram

Impact/Effort Matrix

This tool assists in assigning priority to tasks by evaluating the effort needed vs. the output or impact of the task. This tool is useful during projects and teamwork or when a number of potential actions need to be compared.

Impact/Effort Matrix

50 Days of Focus

Need some inspiration on where to channel your focus? Browse our list of 50 key Areas to Focus On and put your motivation to use!

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CANdo Coaching

Coaching is a process whereby an individual meets with a Qualified Coach to help set and reach goals, expand or grow a business or improve personal competencies by implementing structured plans over a pre-determined period of time.

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Keeping Track

This tool has been designed to make the challenging task of ensuring that the skills and knowledge transferred during the training are carried over into the workplace, and eventually result in positive behaviour change by the employee, much easier. Specifically as soft skill training can be difficult to measure.

Keeping Track Explanation and Example

International Phonetic Alphabet

M for Mary... S for sugar... A for apple... Does this sound like you on the phone? Step up your professionalism a notch by using the International Phonetic Alphabet when you need to spell out email addresses and names over the phone - download yours now.

International Phonetic Alphabet

Training Commitment and Company Declaration

The following documents will help you commit to the training you are about to embark on and will provide a format for you to provide feedback to your organisation once complete.

Commitment and Evaluation for Your Company Records

Training Feedback