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2020-New Year, New Goals
We tend to set ourselves up for failure each time a new year rolls around. We form unachievable goals and rush at them full of desperation and zeal, but totally lacking in any kind of critical thinking around whether or not they're possible.
Published on 15th of Jan 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!
I never grow tired of the fact that I get to work in a profession, with subject matter which really speaks to me, and thoroughly enjoy my job.
Published on 11th of Dec 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Are you Being Bullied at Work?
Most of us think that bullying is confined to the playground. Unfortunately, it’s alive and flourishing in countless workplaces around the country.
Published on 28th of Nov 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Imposter Syndrome!
I have worked with a number of delegates who have proven their effectiveness in their jobs over the course of many years, yet they still feel like they’re frauds because they don’t have an official degree/diploma behind them.
Published on 22nd of Nov 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Do you understand YOU?
Your immediate response is likely to be: "Absolutely- I just don't understand other people!" Anyone relate?
Published on 12th of Nov 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Hello November! Here so Soon?
Wow- Time flies! We're fast approaching the end of 2019 and I'm sure like us, you are busy gearing up for the new year.
Published on 8th of Nov 2019 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Top 10 Time Wasters at Work
Virtually everyone to whom I've spoken recently has commented on how fast 2019 has gone. I feel the same way, although logic tells me that it's impossible for time to speed up or slow down - time is a pretty finite concept.
Published on 31st of Oct 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

The Buck Stops Here!!
I recently called a huge company which boasts an equally huge call-centre. It was my sixth call to them in the vain glorious hope of rectifying a mistake which they had made on my account.
Published on 24th of Oct 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

I Hated School!
Having questioned lots of delegates on their school experiences, I have found that I'm not alone in viewing my school days through a somewhat darkened lens.
Published on 18th of Oct 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Why am I so Angry?
This is a question many of us ask ourselves regularly. We overreact on the road all the time, we snap at our spouses and family, our colleague does something pretty innocuous and we lose our cool in a split second. It's exhausting.
Published on 9th of Oct 2019 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

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