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Are you a Skilled Minute Taker?
This is a task most of you groan loudly about - it's so labour intensive, requires a huge amount of concentration if you're going to do it correctly, and how on earth do you know if you are actually doing it correctly??
Published on 3rd of Apr 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Have you Considered these Coronavirus Measures?
I firmly believe that we are doing the right thing as a country by isolating and cutting down on major events and gatherings. Keep on with the hygiene, avoid touching your face and be aware at all times of your proximity to others. If you are high risk and have come into contact with someone who is high risk, do the right thing and self-isolate until you have been tested. BUT none of this is new to you at this stage.
Published on 17th of Mar 2020 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

How to help your Employees understand the value of Training
As trainers we are often faced with delegates who view the training as a punitive event, rather than the reward it actually is.
Published on 13th of Mar 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Exceeding Expectations...
Exceeding expectations is what we do when we go above and beyond our job spec. It's what turns average or 'good enough' into excellent
Published on 6th of Mar 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Critical Thinking is a Skill and it can be Taught!
Most of us, when faced with a problem, do our best analyse what went wrong and how to fix it. What we don’t often do, is structure our though processes to ensure we work through it systematically and in depth.
Published on 26th of Feb 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Yes, Minute Taking is a Skill!
Today we've chosen to highlight our Minute Taking workshop, not just because it's so popular and so effective, but also because we feel that Minute Taking is a skill that is so often overlooked. Yes, Minute Taking is a skill...
Published on 20th of Feb 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Are you sinking?
I am encountering more and more people who are feeling overwhelmed and ineffective in their jobs. Virtually all the discussions I have had with them revolve around, in a large part, the feeling that they're simply overwhelmed.
Published on 14th of Feb 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Change Must be Managed!
Growth equals change and rapid growth necessitates rapid change. This is fine for those who are newcomers to an organisation which has already undergone a steep growth curve. These new employees haven’t been around to experience or understand the insecurity that accompanies major restructuring and formalisation of processes.
Published on 7th of Feb 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

People and Relationships are Complicated and Messy!
At the start of most workshops, I ask delegates to tell me what they enjoy about their job as well as what makes it hard for them to be effective. Then I ask them and what they downright hate, and why?
Published on 31st of Jan 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

The Least Productive Months in the Year
I listened to an interesting panel discussion where a mental health professional who works as an organisational psychologist for a large corporate company, explained the findings of a study looking at employee productivity, in which he’d participated.
Published on 24th of Jan 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

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