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4 Reasons Why Training Is Important
Not completely sold on why you should train and upskill your staff? Perhaps you feel that your team is performing well and so you don't deem it necessary to spend that bit of extra money on external training programmes...
Published on 10th of Jul 2020 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Feeling Anxious? Me Too!
Anxiety. Something a lot of people struggle with, with varying degrees of severity, but it’s real and it can really hinder your work as well as your personal life.
Published on 1st of Jul 2020 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Customer Care During Lockdown
So who pays our salaries? I'm hoping everyone shouted: "The Customer!", very loudly and with certainty...
Published on 26th of Jun 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Why Am I So Angry and What Can I Do About It?
Why am I so angry? This is a question many of us ask ourselves regularly. We over-react on the road all the time, we snap at our spouses and family, our colleague does something pretty innocuous and we lose our cool in a split second. It’s exhausting.
Published on 19th of Jun 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Our New Normal
Normal doesn’t sound like anything we have experienced in the past three months... Firstly, we got used to the fact that social distancing, washing and sanitising our hands, face masks and sanitising groceries were our new normal.
Published on 10th of Jun 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Why Are We Accepting of Some Issues and Vehemently Against Others?
I'm asking this question because, some time ago, before COVID-19 reared its ugly head, I had cause to speak with a few HR managers. We analysed a couple of scenario's regarding the issues which often arise when integrating people of colour, different economic status, gender and so on into the workplace.
Published on 5th of Jun 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

How to Communicate Effectively
When we communicate with someone else, it’s usually for a reason:
Published on 29th of May 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

7 Reasons why Assertive Communication is Essential
By far, the most underutilized and misunderstood communication method is that of assertiveness.
Published on 19th of May 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Presentations- What NOT to do!
We are called upon to sell ourselves, our knowledge, our ideas virtually every day and most of us are dead scared of being put on the spot.
Published on 8th of May 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

You owe it to yourself to plan better and stress less!
Our Virtual facilitator-led courses (via zoom) and range of online courses are tailor-made for a time such as this. After reading through this blog, you're likely to see just how important it has become to increase your skill-set right now.
Published on 24th of Apr 2020 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

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