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Published: 27th of May 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

For those amongst us, who are not particularly emotional beings, life is definitely less complicated. However, the downside of being strongly task-orientated could manifest in our missing emotional cues and misreading situations. For the rest of us mere mortals, who feel strongly about everything, life can certainly be a minefield where we're spending much of our time apologising for outbursts and/or seemingly irrational behaviour!

Understanding different personality types is integral to successfully negotiating relationships – both with ourselves, (intrapersonal) and with others, (interpersonal). On these two pillars rests all of emotional intelligence.

If we understand where our focus and that of others differs, as well as our varying methods of communication, we are able to avoid the pitfall of taking offense when none is actually meant. This knowledge should go a long way to precluding snap judgements and promoting acceptance of our differences. Ideally, it will facilitate our leveraging this diversity positively.

Understanding ourselves and what pushes our buttons - our strengths and weaknesses and our own specific needs - puts us in the driving seat when it comes to how effectively we deal with a variety of situations.

In fact it can mean the difference between acting rather than reacting. The ability to take a step back from our instinctive response to a more reasoned one, lies with the ability to engage our 'adult' brain before we engage our mouth. In short, if I understand me, I'm more likely to make decisions out of that knowledge as opposed to lashing out because my unconscious biases and fears took control.

This is such a huge subject and so vital to our emotional well-being, that I'm constantly amazed at how few of us have been exposed to these tools.

Many of our soft-skills courses contain this module and I've yet to meet a delegate who hasn't benefited from gaining this knowledge. I'd love to see this concept included in our school curriculum – it would promote self-confidence, form the bedrock of successful conflict prevention and/or resolution and equip our children for the real world in way much of what they learn unfortunately does not.

But off my soap box! Join us on our Customer Care, Communication Excellence, Assertiveness, Managerial and Leadership workshops (to name but a few), to learn where you fit and how this can be leveraged for your personal success.

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