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To assist the learners with the necessary knowledge regarding issues of diversity in a specific South African context.

Please note: A customised version of this workshop can be aligned to the Batho Pele principles for government.

Course Content

Cultural Diversity

The definitions of diversity and culture and the South African landscape

Can we continue to challenge and shape our perceptions as adults?

Exploring how our neural pathways are formed and how they influence our perceptions

Understanding Prejudice

Understanding what prejudice is and why we find it so difficult to change our thinking even when faced with the brutal impact of negative prejudicial behaviour on an individual

The Role of the Media

How the media shapes our behaviours, expectations and understanding of the world. In this exercise we explore
The Role of the Media in Forming Attitudes Towards Mental Illness By Kismet Baun

Employment Equity and the Bill of Rights

We unpack the meaning of the freedom charter, how it leads to a bill of rights and what this actually means to us as individuals and then finally how Employment Equity is playing out in the SA workforce today and the perceptions and expectations of the various cultural groups towards this far reaching law – we also address cause and effect in this section looking at the history of other countries with far reaching redressing policies

Issues of Conflict and Cooperation, Power and Privilege

In this module we explore the roles and responsibilities that come with power and privilege. We explore how to use conflict as a learning curve as opposed to a point of break down and how to gain co-operation through collaborative means

Concentrating on Areas of Similarity and Positivity

This very practical module encourages us to look to our similarities and not our differences

Culture and Etiquette From Around the World

This module touches on some of the more outlandish cultures and rules of society around the world whilst simultaneously sparking discussions around the BRICS alliance in which South Africa finds itself. Also indicating how the social cultures in the BRICS countries will have to be embraced if we want to play a leading role on this international stage.

More on this workshop

We live in a diverse world and in a diverse country.

The internet and social media has helped even the rural teenager to have access to different ways of doing things and different ways of living.

Add to this the gender wars and the religious freedom of expression we have ensconced in our constitution and the need for diversity training increases exponentially.

Organisations that have invested in diversity training have reported increased production due to less time being wasted in conflict as well as increased motivation due to harmonious working conditions.

"The biggest mistake is believing there is one right way to listen, to talk, to have a conversation -- or a relationship." ~ Deborah Tannen

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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Thank you for taking the time to present this course to us - it was excellent! ~ Abegail

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