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To supply the learners with the necessary awareness, knowledge and confidence on the road to self mastery and mindfulness. In an age where the demands and stress we face are ever escalating, being able to identify our emotions and emotional responses is a huge step toward quick and effective solution generation. The modern organisation is compelled to drive these values to ensure that they are not hamstrung by conflict and demotivation.

Course Content

Principles of Emotional Intelligence Explained

An in depth understanding of what emotional intelligence is

Principles of Emotional Intelligence in Practice

How our EQ impacts on every aspect of our lives, working or personal, demonstrated through many case studies and discussion

Assessment of Emotional Intelligence and Competence

The evaluation methods used to assess emotional competence in the work place. Case studies assisting us to recognise behaviour that lacks emotional competencies and intelligence

Addressing Competencies With the Tools at Our Disposal

Practical tools for the development of emotional competencies, how and where to use them and how to develop your approach.

Intra Personal Intelligence

Understanding our Locus of Control, our inner strength, our approach to change and our personal mindset including motivation

Inter Personal Intelligence

Understanding our inter personal approach and preferred manner of communication and how to address this from an emotional intelligence viewpoint

Cases for Improved Emotional Competencies

Case Studies and further reading for analysis

More on this workshop

The concept of emotional intelligence vs. intelligence quotient is a relatively new one.

"It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head -- it is the unique intersection of both." ~ David Caruso - From ("Emotional What?")

The need for corporations to include and assist with the development of emotional intelligence has been highlighted with the onset of the digital age. Along with computers came not only need for change but a need to adjust expectation and recognise different skills sets.

Studies have proven that individuals with improved emotional competencies are up to four times more successful than their equals with similar IQs.

It therefore stands to reason that all organisations should place emotional intelligence training on their to-do list for this skills year.

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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