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Published: 20th of Nov 2020 by: Staff Writer

Faced with a problem that requires a well thought out solution?
Our course on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is designed around gaining the skills to first analyse the problem in depth before moving onto designing a long lasting solution.

The methodology we work with systematically takes you through all the possible variables...

Without identifying the root cause of an issue, it's impossible to arrive at the correct decision with regards its solution. If we don't put the time into critically assessing exactly what has gone wrong or what our next step should be, we are simply dealing with a symptom. It's tantamount to taking pain killers to relieve the pain of a broken arm without having the break itself sorted out. A plaster on a gaping wound... you get the idea?

During this workshop, you're going to become aware of how often you jump from Step 1- acknowledging there's a problem, to Step 5 - implementing an ill thought out solution. The intervening and vitally important Steps 2, 3 and 4 are omitted. Why? Because you are dealing with what you're seeing before you've come close to understanding why you are facing this particular problem/challenge.

As a result of this hasty action, the same issue pops up again tomorrow, and you're again required to spend time implementing the solution. Until the next time, and the next, and the next...

Critical thinking is an art form. It's a skill which has to be taught and developed. You need to know which tools to use and how to apply these effectively.

This is where our workshop comes in. During the two days over which it is runs, we explore all aspects related to developing a lasting and informed approach to finding the right solution in a particular set of circumstances.

The ability to think critically is highly relevant for anyone, at any level, who is tasked with finding solutions to problems which beset our daily working lives. That means it's necessary for you, whomever you are, to join us on one of our Critical Thinking and Problem Solving workshops.

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