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Published: 18th of Oct 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Having questioned lots of delegates on their school experiences, I have found that I'm not alone in viewing my school days through a somewhat darkened lens.

I acknowledge that many of you disagree with me on this, and I'm really pleased you found your school career awesome.

What I would like to do, however, is analyse my initial statement: I hated school. I'd like to pick apart the reasons for my, and much of your, unhappiness at school. In this blog I'm only going to focus on the actual learning experience, because this is definitely where most of my frustration lay at school...

You see, I'm simply not good at sitting still, keeping quiet and absorbing information given in a lecture style. I can adhere to this method of learning when necessary, but I learn more effectively when I'm able to interact, move, collaborate and bounce ideas off my colleagues.

When I studied after school, I found myself in a learning environment that encouraged this interactive format, and I absolutely blossomed. To the amazement of both my parents and myself!

Sir Ken Robinson, a world renowned education expert puts it like this in one of his numerous YouTube videos:

"At school, you're told there's only one right answer, it's at the back of the book, and do not look! But when we move into the work environment, we're encouraged to collaborate, work in a team, learn from each other and find the answer together!"

This is an absolute truism. We go from an isolated, static and "quiet" learning experience to one which lauds co-operation. I'm not saying that the working environment is one where we aren't expected to knuckle down and work independently much of time. Our self-discipline, focus and ability to self-motivate and meet individual goals is integral to our success in our career. The major difference between school and work environments lies in the fact that, although we work independent of each other a lot of the time, we are in fact part of a whole. We are part of a team where our contribution takes us towards a shared goal. Thus, we are able to tap into our colleagues' strengths when they're greater than our own; co-operation and collaboration maintain and uplift our success.

Nothing we do at work is in isolation. No matter our position, at the top of the organogram or not, our contribution is part of a valuable chain, where everyone depends on everyone else in order for a successful outcome.

Depending on our opportunities and differing personalities, we will be drawn to different types of work content. Our more people orientated personalities are likely to choose functions which allow for strong connections with others. Our task orientated colleagues are likely to be drawn to more "isolated" functions. The chain, however, is still firmly in place and each and every link needs to pull its weight.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to find ourselves in jobs well suited to our interests and abilities, blossom. Just as I did, once I found myself in a different learning environment.

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