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Published: 15th of Feb 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Seriously though, do you consider your receptionist an asset to your company?

Better still, is your receptionist treated like he or she is a valuable member of your team? Are you and your staff aware of how crucial this frontline role is to your company's ongoing success?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions I’m assuming you are a manager who’s cognisant that your frontline person often speaks to your clients/customers more than anyone else in your organisation.

Frontline people are in a position to influence your external customers as well as your ‘internal customers’; their colleagues. A poorly trained or disinterested frontline person can have a disastrous effect on everyone with whom they come into contact. And that’s a lot of people!

How often have you walked into a company and been greeted by someone who simply doesn’t want to be there? It’s obvious – they may smile, offer to help you, but their heart is just not in it. Does anyone of us put our best foot forward when we’re demotivated and disengaged? Why would we if we don’t feel noticed, appreciated and are generally the last one invited to join everyone in the kitchen for birthday cake? Why is that? Because the reception are can’t be left unmanned. This should highlight the value of their position – they have to be available all the time which makes it logistically difficult to include the - but it’s counter-intuitive not to.

One of the biggest issues Frontline people raise on our courses is the fact that they have to beg people to relieve them just to run to the kitchen to make a quick cup of coffee. The person grudgingly agrees to fill in for a short time, but let’s the receptionist know that they are doing her a huge favour. When it comes to lunch time, many frontline people simply choose to work through because it’s just not worth the PT involved finding a replacement for that hour.

Spending an eight-hour day at your desk, without a break, isn’t good for anyone – least of all the person who’s greeting your customers. Their energy and level of engagement is bound to take a hit if they can’t, with a clear conscience, leave their station for lunch at least.

Interestingly, this is also a position that managers seem to think just about anyone can do. They overlook the myriad skills necessary to be effective in a job where you are always in the public eye and can never have an off-day.

So I’m going to ask again: Does your receptionist rock?

We run Frontline courses: which cover all aspects of this multi-layered position. Now would be the time to invest in your employee – it’s a win-win proposition. They get to intermingle with other people in similar positions and benefit from the information transfer which takes place, and you get to show them just how important they are.

Are you telephonic skills professional enough? Take this quick quiz to find out!

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