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Published: 19th of Oct 2020 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

I am currently working on additional leadership content for a workshop I am developing for a client. Midway it has occurred to me that not many of us see ourselves as leaders, whereas the reality is that each and everyone of us, are in fact one

At the very least we have a responsibility to lead ourselves, maybe our children, maybe our families. But it's leading oneself that is most crucial. And leadership can be tough, it's standing strong against opposition, standing firm in your vision, simultaneously being open to the demands of your followers, knowing which battles to pick and knowing when to change your style.

The challenges are numerous of course and one of the biggest is knowing exactly what it is that drives your choices, decisions and vision... And of course that takes introspection. Lots of it... on a continual basis.

Exploring your own boundaries and understanding the impact of these boundaries on others as well as managing to navigate your way through the conversations that no doubt will follow and sometimes the discomfort that goes along with that. These are critical leadership skills.

So my question is... Do you see yourself as a leader and what advice would you give a young person starting their life journey today?

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Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD of Staff Training, established in 2001. She is a soft skills facilitator and management coach and strives to enthuse, assist and empower her fellow South Africans wherever she has the skill to do so.

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