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Published: 5th of Aug 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Gosh - I hope most of you answered that in the negative. The thought of spending 8 hours a day doing something we hate, having to be somewhere we hate, with colleagues we can't stand - well, it's quite frankly terrifying!

How soul destroying to wake up in the morning day in and day out with dread and desperation because you have to face those people, that job, those clients, once again.

There's a movie called Groundhog Day, which depicts my idea of hell. The premise revolves around a man waking up to the same day every morning. Literally, if it is the 7th of August 2019, every morning he wakes up to a repeat of the 7th of August 2019.

Initially, he is really disorientated, but soon starts to realise that he can live with abandon each and every day because the slate is wiped clean during the night. He gets to start the self-same day with no fear of lasting consequences, every day. So he spends money, parties, eats everything in sight and so on. It's some time since I watched it, but it has always stuck with me. Sure there are no consequences, but there's also no growth, no satisfaction, no foot print at all to denote that you were there.

I encounter people who view their working lives through a very similar and equally desperate lens. They see no value in doing what they do and perceive no benefit whatsoever in being in their job.

It rouses me to action. Sometimes we need someone outside of ourselves, without a hidden agenda, to administer a wake-up call. I tend to ask the following question:

Is there anything you enjoy about your job? Frequently the answer is: nothing at all! The conversation progresses with me probing a bit further:

1. If there's nothing you like about your job, am I correct in assuming you don't like to be paid?
2. You don't like any of the benefits you receive, like paid leave?
3. You don't like the security of having an income?
4. You don't like the status that comes with having a job in a country with an unofficial unemployment figure hovering around 60%?
5. You don't like learning new skills?
6. You don't like making friends, some of whom you could keep throughout life?
7. You don't like being exposed to new ideas and trends?
8. You don't like being in an environment where you use your brain, where you are challenged to become a more knowledgeable version of you?
9. You don't like improving your people skills through having to adjust to dealing with different people types?
10. You don't like the camaraderie that permeates a team when a task is accomplished?
11. You don't like gaining experience which will stand you in good stead should you decide to look for a new position?
12. You don't enjoy having good laugh with a colleague during tea time, or turning to a colleague for advice on personal issues?

Truly, if you have answered no to all of these questions, you need to do yourself and your company a favour, and either seek solutions or move. The negative energy which accompanies you at work isn't only bringing you down, it's lowering morale in everyone around you too.

Only you can make the change. If you're hopelessly unhappy where you are, do some genuine introspection. If you need help, come through to our Critical Thinking course where you can learn tools to help you analyse situations deeply and objectively. Then, and only then, do you make the decision to jump ship. Once you've truly examined your part in your unhappiness and can be sure you won't be bringing that level of negativity into your new position.

You owe it to yourself, your present or future company, and your family. Don't dig yourself into a ditch resolve to resolve your unhappiness and create and new way of seeing things. In short, change your attitude and you'll find that your circumstances have an amazing, and almost magical, way of changing with you!

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