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Published: 7th of Jul 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Our Stress and Time Management course is one of the most popular in our stable of more than 60 soft skills courses. Having facilitated a number of these, I am acutely aware of how stressed we are as a nation.

The stress part of the course is becoming increasingly important. This subtle shift has occurred because of an avalanche of external and internal issues, coupled with our inability to handle difficult situations in a healthy constructive manner.

We are only able to move into sensible, problem solving mode, if we understand ourselves and can see past the emotion to the actual issue at hand. When we react, we are coming at the problem from a highly emotional state, the antithesis of calm and rational. This is where Assertiveness training is invaluable.

Gaining insight into our own behaviour is essential if we want to become an effective member of a team or company, as well as society at large. This insight needs to be developed in a structured and objective manner. Unfortunately, many of us have a constant looping tape in our heads which is as much use as the wheel is to the hamster – namely, none at all.

It’s essential for us to move into a reflective space which will allow us to objectively assess, identify, and change those behaviour patterns that are effectively killing peace of mind, draining our energy and impeding our progress.

This is where it becomes necessary to employ the tools necessary for self-management – the essence of time management. The more disorganised we are, the more stressed we are likely to be. Self-mastery seldom comes naturally. Hence the need for courses where we can explore, absorb and learn to apply logical tools, in order to de-clutter and organise our chaotic lives.

So, the big three skills needed to achieve a semblance of order and facilitate growth are: understanding yourself, organising yourself, and communicating your needs, wishes and desires in a manner designed to gain co-operation.

Our Stress and Time Management course links naturally with any of the Communication workshops or Developing Your Management Potential and Self-Mastery courses.

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