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Published: 2nd of Mar 2017 by: Debbie Engelbrecht CEO

Good business writing increases the clarity of the message and speeds up responses.

1. The modern reader skim reads

2. The relevant information must be easily visible

3. Readers need a clear request for follow up action

For example:

If you would like to see this theory in practice, continue reading the article please.

An alternative way we could have started this informational blog was to state that Business Writing Workshops are highly effective as they help the writer to increase the clarity of their message and often they encourage faster response times.

The modern reader, who is inclined to skim-read, is often confused as to what the necessary required action is as the relevant information is often obscured among other interesting but slightly less pertinent facts.

What information overload does is to reduce attention and to avoid this happening it is always advisable to have a clear request for follow up action.

A Question! Which part of this blog did you skim over?

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· If you would like to attend, contact 0861 996 660 or email: info@StaffTraining.co.za

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