Having Courageous Conversations


This workshop is extremely effective when attended by the entire organisation, group or department (including management) and as individuals. The aim is to supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to have difficult conversations within an organisation. South Africa is indeed a complex nation with a variety of diverse influences (internal and external) impacting on our ability to be truly productive. The way to overcome challenges are to face them head on. This workshop enables the learner to do so.


Why are Courageous Conversations necessary?

Living in a VUCA environment.
How our history influences our thinking.
How fear based decision making has influenced our behaviours.
The impact of the above factors on the working environment.

The science of the Brain

How our perceptions are formed.
What is the difference between assumption and perception.
How to avoid a jump in illogicality.

Understanding Power and Transactional Analysis

Adjusting our personal approach and locus of control.
Using accountability as a gift to step fully into our own lives.

Understanding when Courageous Conversations are necessary

Power Misuse.
Power Abuse.
When others are oblivious.
When we as individuals need clarity.

The Conversation

Checking inward.
Clarifying emotions.
Set the space and time.
Expecting discomfort.
Framing the conversation.
Non combative opening of conversation.
Listening with a view to understanding.
Speak your truth.
Accept the possible lack of closure.
Questions to ensure co-operation and collaboration.
Agreeing on a way forward.
Remaining professional.

Useful Communication Tools

3 step assertiveness technique.
The BEEF Sandwich.
Timing of silence.
Finding the AND and not the OR.
Words that soften.


The learners will be able to discern the needs of their clients and colleagues and adapt their own approach to the situation, resulting in more favourable resolutions to any given discussion.

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