Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders


To empower and develop all delegates and encourage their journey of self-mastery enabling them to exhibit Emotional Intelligence in their daily practices and competencies. This is a practical and informative workshop that requires the delegate to fill in a pre-workshop questionnaire on the Enneagram Self Mastery Tool. A component of this workshop is customised for each individual. The workshop is open to all personnel. As studies show that individuals with improved emotional intelligence are likely to be four times as successful as their equal IQ counterparts, this workshop is a must!


Principles and Theory of Emotional Intelligence

All principles explained, relating to leadership, self-management and in relation to the theory of multiple intelligences

Principles of Emotional Intelligence in practice

Including attitudes, conflict handling (internal and external) communication, assertiveness, identifying stress and stressful behaviours. The theme from this module runs throughout the workshop and is often referred back to

Enneagram profiling and analysis

A coaching tool for self-awareness and self- mastery. Understanding core motivations, values and fears. Understanding the nine lenses of the world. The Enneagram is considered to be one of the best leadership and self-mastery tools in the world today. Our facilitators are accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Interpersonal Competencies at Work

What do individuals respond well to, how to deliver feedback both positive and negative, social and cultural awareness and the advantages of listening well

Recognising our Locus of Control

Responsibilities to self, others, organisation, community and planet

Using Optimum Performance Indicators

Providing feedback in an emotionally intelligent fashion ensuring maximum production, using collaboration as opposed to instructional feedback to ensure maximum buy in


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a globally recognised framework that helps us to understand the nine different lenses through which individuals view the world. This view of the world is driven by both conscious and subconscious motivation and/or fear leading to the behaviour, actions, thinking, emotions and communication styles we choose to exhibit.

The Enneagram diagnostic tool that we use is designed to assist the individual in quickly identifying their preferred lense and subsequently identifying the impact of viewing through that lense, not only on themselves, but also on others and how they relate to others.

Why the Enneagram is such a useful self-mastery tool?

The Enneagram stretches beyond behaviour to motivation and fear, through this knowledge it awakens empathy and understanding of not only ourselves, but of others as well.

It brings to the conscious mind that which often remains in the unconscious, and because of this we are able to transcend the behaviour with negative consequences through making better cognitive choices - and the process is hugely simplified as soon as the Enneagram framework has been understood.

How to use the Enneagram?

The Enneagram can be used in a private and work capacity. It is used in life coaching, leadership coaching and in relationship coaching. The Enneagram for teams is used to strengthen team relationships and to make the team members aware of the untapped talent that is not being recognised. Similarly it makes individuals aware of their own gifts and talents that they are not paying full attention to.

The Benefits of the Enneagram to Individuals, Teams, Organisations:

What our delegates say about the Enneagram?

"Why oh why didn't I know this years ago?"

"This is life changing - where were you guys when I was younger?"

"Seriously - these have been the most enlightening few days of my life!"

"I wish everyone everywhere can do this. I am definitely enrolling my daughter on this course before she gets married!"

"It's such a shame that I didn't know about this course when I was a younger manager."

"The Enneagram has changed the way I think and has opened my eyes to how we can all get along better."

"The Enneagram has been life changing for me. All my relationships work and personal have improved."

"As a result of the Enneagram I have brought more of ME into the world and the results are showing!"


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Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable experience. ~ Kevin

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The duration of this seminar is 2 days
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