Developing your Management Potential II


This course is the perfect follow up to Developing Your Management Potential I and further assists managers in their role of developing and leading a team, department or company concentrating on more specific business tools and theories. In all our management courses we try to encourage the learners to bring their own challenges to the table.


8 Common Themes of Successful Companies

Analysing the organisation as a holistic entity - what components determine success as quoted by Forbes Magazine following their interviews with managers worldwide.

Using the Conscious and Unconscious Learning Matrix

Human learning matrix and psyche - understanding the interaction and how they determine our standards and benchmarks. This matrix is used specifically to help us understand the disconnect between expectation and delivery and how we can go about closing that gap

Using the JOHARI Window

A practical method for assessment understanding how it works and how to apply the methodology effectively, not only for individuals but as part of a team, a 360 feedback or even as customer care surveys

Using the SWOT Matrix

No management course is complete without the age-old matrix that helps us to determine our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Aligning our Values

This highly effective module helps us to determine strategic vision by giving us a practical and easy-to-use tool (adapted from Edward De Bono 6 Value Medals) that assists us with decision-making. Used in conjunction with the Force Field Analysis it is extremely powerful.

Using the Force Field Analysis

Understanding this method of decision-making and its effective application for all supervisors and managers

Using Situational Leadership

The four leadership styles required in the skills vs. will or ability vs. motivational aspect of productivity

Using Feedback to Its Greatest Advantage Not Just APOP!

An in-depth discussion regarding the theory of feedback and practical implementation vs. legal HR requirements

US IDUnit Standard TitleNQF LevelCredits
242817Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions48


"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome." ~ Samuel Johnson

Once delegates have completed the first management course, they are keen to start implementing new policies and procedures that will take them closer to their goals.

Developing Your Management Potential II leads them to the point where they have the know-how and tools to use to assist with these goals, despite the fact that the circumstances are not always ideal.

For example, how to ensure that the decisions being made are well thought out and ethical, even though they may be unpopular. To ensure that they have the correct starting point and bench mark to begin with and also to ensure that each and every team player is on the same page and moving forward based not on assumptions, but on concrete feedback.

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I learnt effective ways of structuring my problem solving - I needed that desperately! ~ Grace

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