Receptionist Audio - English Pronunication

Receptionist Audio - English Pronunication

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Is your English pronunciation diminishing your confidence?

Purchase the new Staff Training Receptionist Audio Track Collection, and get the following:

11 Audio tracks designed to assist your pronunciation of common professional English phrases and words.
Easy MP3 playback on PC or phone for you to follow along with the narration.

What the Collection Covers:

Common greetings and call transferring phrases
Company and Department lingo
Day-to-day Reception
Common company and department names
Face-to-face communication
Everyday phrases
Tenses - Past, present and future
Vowels and Consonants
Confidence and positivity

The tracks represent the most commonly used phrases when communicating with colleagues, clients and management.
Arranged in 11 easy-to-follow tracks, you can practice your English pronunciation, grammar, diction and elocution at your convenience.

Interactive Audio allowing you to repeat and practice the sounds, words and phrases.

You will:

Gain more personal confidence
Instill more confidence in your clients
Be able to work quicker
Work more efficiently

Price: R279-00 (incl VAT)

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