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Published: 11th of May 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Whilst working at home offers many benefits, there are pitfalls inherent with this arrangement.

I have a healthy mix of duties: I facilitate workshops, work on course development, write blogs, interact with social media, and complete admin generated therefrom.

Obviously, facilitation takes me out of the house, but the majority of my other work can be tackled effectively from home. This is something of a double edged sword. I’m in an extremely fortuitous position as I can go into the office if I choose.

So let’s look at the positives:

1. No traffic!
2. No travelling costs.
3. You can stay in sloppy clothes all day – no make-up, no need to blow dry your hair.
4. You can stop and start at will.
5. My cats can join me – great de-stressors!
6. It’s wonderfully peaceful – at least for me because my kids have left home!
7. The peace really facilitates concentration – for me that is.
8. I can listen to my music which also facilitates concentration for me.
9. You can nip down to the shops if necessary.
10. You can go into the office if you choose – and I often do.

Now the negatives:

1. The boundaries between work and home are not always clear.
2. You have to be disciplined time-wise or your day can slip by very quickly. You can miss the boat because you get caught up in home stuff.
3. On the opposite side of the coin, you never feel totally off duty because there are no clear boundaries. The ability to work at any time that you want can lead you to feel as if you should be working when actually, you’re meant to be off duty.
4. I find that I have to get dressed decently in order to project a professional image when I’m speaking to clients over the phone. Weird but true. Your appearance impacts on how professional you feel – at least it does for me.
5. Somehow you need to plan even more effectively and refuse to deviate even if the opportunity arises. For instance, if a friend wants to pop in for tea…
6. The peace can become overwhelming. I often opt to go into the office to work just so that I can immerse myself in the vibe.
7. Referring to point number 6, although I like my own company, bouncing ideas off my colleagues often gives me a different view point. Especially, if I’m finding it difficult to move from one stage of a project to the next.
8. The office has a wonderful lady who makes me tea – I’m not exaggerating. Her tea tastes the best because she makes it with love and delivers it with a kind or funny word each time.
9. You think you can nip out to the shops when in actual fact your schedule does not allow for it – but who’s going to know or care?
10. Which brings me to the final negative – I need to debrief with my colleagues. I love my job but examining a workshop dynamic with my colleagues is both hugely beneficial as well as personally fulfilling. If I stay in my peaceful home, on my own, I can get caught up in over analysing.

So there you have it – the pro’s and con’s which are often mirror images. To be successful in any work situation there are skills which you can’t do without. The first is the ability to understand the multiple intelligences that combine to render you successful. These are covered comprehensively in our Emotional Intelligence workshops. In addition to these insights, you need the ability to manage yourself and therefore your time. These skills are conveyed in our Stress and Time workshops.

Hope to see you soon!

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