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Published: 21st of Aug 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

The majority of delegates who attend our Minute Taking courses say that they hate having to fulfil this function. The issues they raise almost always centre around the fact that they don’t feel competent in this skill and therefore find it hugely challenging.

Our two day workshop is geared towards taking the fear out of Minute Taking. It’s all about gaining knowledge. We dislike tasks we don’t feel sufficiently skilled to complete well.

Minutes are important for the following reasons because they:

Provide a written record of discussions.

Establish the truth so deniers do not say “I forgot”, rather they say “I remember it differently”.

Prevent forgetfulness – it’s all there for you in black and white.

Inform stakeholders of progress to date and future plans.

Co-ordinate activities.

Facilitate monitoring and evaluation.

Create agreed upon time frames for the completion of activities.

Provide a binding legal contract – evidence.

History – previous minutes tell us a great deal about the company.

Update information for non-attendees.

Excellent method of communication.

Reminders – structuring.

This is a valuable skill – it increases your understanding and competency. Our Minute Taking workshop covers all aspects and allows for discussion around your individual issues.

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