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Published: 3rd of Apr 2020 by: Carolyn Kessler

This is a task most of you groan loudly about - it's so labour intensive, requires a huge amount of concentration if you're going to do it correctly, and how on earth do you know if you are actually doing it correctly??

We run this popular workshop regularly because, it would seem, many of you are having to perform the function of minute taker despite your anxiety! At the beginning of the course, I always ask the delegates why they're there and what their issues are...

And it's usually pretty much unanimous! Most of the delegates express their lack of excitement when it comes to fulfilling this part of their portfolios because they don't feel confident in their skills. It's seriously anxiety provoking and they'd love to offload this duty onto someone else. Most don't believe they could ever become truly proficient scribes...

Employers can be forgiven for assuming that anyone in an admin position can be plucked from behind their desk, given a pen and paper and dropped into a meeting to take minutes. Only when the transcribed document is completed and sent back to them, do they begin to realise, that without training, none of us is likely to be proficient in taking minutes!

Is there any other skill out there for which you need no training and no practise? I think not!

There is a great deal of skill inherent in effective minute taking. You need to understand the theory, the type of minutes that should be produced. For instance, did you know there are actually five different types of minutes? There is a broad range of formats which can be followed and the minute taker needs to understand their mandate with regards to all aspects of producing these vital records.

It's extremely difficult to understand what constitutes the correct level of detail, especially if you're new to the skill and/or company. How do you know which part of the discussion should be recorded and transcribed if you don't intrinsically understand the purpose of producing minutes unique to that specific situation? A document which will include everything important, but waste no space on that which isn't of value?

Interestingly enough, I often get feedback from delegates that the chairperson didn't actually know much of what they themselves had learnt on the course!

Just as it takes practise to drive a car, learn to type, produce a report, arrange an event, so to it takes knowledge and practise to become competent and lose the fear that is usually related with effective minute taking.

Join our Minute Taking course (which can also be offered via Facilitator-led virtual training during Lockdown) and get rid of the anxiety by understanding exactly what goes into acing those minutes!

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