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Published: 30th of Mar 2017 by: Staff Reporter

Did you know that a person's EQ - or Emotional Intelligence - is a far better predictor of success than their IQ, with research suggesting those with higher EQ are up to four times as successful as their equal IQ counterparts?

But what are the pitfalls you might face if you AREN’T Emotionally Intelligent? How might this affect your career?

The fact is - you can’t simply go to work, do your job and go home. Most of us have bosses we need to deal with, co-workers to collaborate with and clients to serve. Emotional Intelligence is what makes these interactions successful - your ability to pick up on and adapt to someone else’s mood is vital to the success of the interaction.

A lack of Emotional Intelligence can see you being perceived as:

1. Insensitive.

Not paying attention to how others feel can make you seem insensitive. As a leader this is a quality that will quickly lose you the respect of your employees, and as a worker this quality is one almost guaranteed to ensure that your co-workers have zero desire to work with you.

2. Stubborn.

Being able to adapt according to the situation and the people you are working with is vital to your success. We work in an environment where teamwork is extremely important and being flexible is essential if you wish to effectively work with others.

3. Explosive.

Not being able to reign in your anger when you feel it bubbling to the surface can have a highly detrimental effect on your career. People see you as being volatile and unpredictable when you are unable to keep your anger from getting out of hand, and as a result will be less likely to want to work with you or engage with you on work matters in the future.

All of the above can certainly hinder your prospects of being promoted, or if you are a leader, can impact the level of respect you receive from your employees.

Staff Training presents Emotional Intelligence training nationwide, as well as a more in-depth two-day workshop for leaders: Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. Contact us at 0861 996 660 or drop us an email.

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