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Published: 3rd of Sep 2021 by: Shona Potgieter

By now we all know how important communication is within our organisations. We also know body language plays a big role and active listening accounts for a large part of effective communication. So what more is there to know on the topic of communication?

Well, there is a really important aspect of communication that we need to discuss... And that's how everyone's style of communication might differ.

Think about it, your communication style not only affects how you relay information, but also how you process information. And that's exactly why it is incredibly important for us to be aware of this in the workplace, especially for the sake of our team dynamic.

Being aware of how your team communicates and processes communication directed towards them goes hand-in-hand with the success of your organization

How? Well let's see:
- Prevents conflict and aids conflict resolution
- Provides clarity and direction
- Increased productivity
- Boosts team morale
- Saves time and money
- Increases engagement

Your next question might be: "How do I know what my team members' communication styles are?"
My answer to your question is this: Invest in training and look into the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a powerful and globally recognised framework that helps us to understand the nine different lenses through which individuals view the world. This view of the world is driven by both conscious and subconscious motivation and/or fear leading to the behaviour, actions, thinking, emotions and communication styles we choose to exhibit.

I'd like to emphasize that the Enneagram does not "put you in a box", it is a self-mastery tool that helps us to understand ourselves and the various personalities we interact with every day.

It is hugely successful when used with teams, in fact, we've built quite a few workshops around it!

These include:

- Team Development with the Enneagram

- Enneagram and Eagala

- 3 Day leadership

- Self-Mastery through the Enneagram

- Team Refocus and Strategising

- Resilience Training

Please remember that we're standing by to assist and answer any questions you might have! We're passionate about working with- and empowering teams, so get in touch with us.

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