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Published: 21st of Apr 2017 by: Staff Reporter

In addition to Staff Training's popular two-day Customer Care workshop, another three courses have now been approved by the Services SETA, enabling full SETA Assessments - but what does this mean?

What is an “Accredited Course”?

A course accredited by Services SETA means that its content meets the criteria outlined in the Unit Standard document, compiled by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Learners will complete a Portfolio of Evidence over a three-month period, using the theory they have learnt during the workshop practically in the workplace environment.

Once complete, the Portfolio of Evidence is marked by an Assessor and if found competent, the learner is awarded a Certificate of Completion and a number of credits towards the Qualification that the Unit Standard forms a part of.

How long does an Accredited Course take?

The duration of the workshop depends on the number of credits associated with the Unit Standard, but in general the learner will spend between one and three days at the workshop completing the formative potion of the training.

The duration of Staff Training’s Accredited Courses are:

Customer Care Training - 2-days
Minute Taking - 2-days
3 Day Leadership - 3 days
Frontline Reception I - 1-day

After the training the learner will have three months to complete the summative potion of the training, which may include various workplace activities.

For information on claiming back from SETA for Accredited Training, click here.

Staff Training is a SETA Accredited soft skills training provider. Contact us at 0861 996 660 or send us an email at info@StaffTraining.co.za

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