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Published: 31st of Oct 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Virtually everyone to whom I've spoken recently has commented on how fast 2019 has gone. I feel the same way, although logic tells me that it's impossible for time to speed up or slow down - time is a pretty finite concept.

So I turned my thinking to try and understand why we feel time is speeding away with us. My reflection and professional experience came to the same conclusion: it's down to the fact that we misuse or abuse our allotted time.

You're probably asking yourself how one can abuse their time- ridiculous thought? Well no, actually it's not ridiculous at all.

I have facilitated our Stress and Time Management workshop many, many times. As with each workshop, different delegates change the dynamic each time, which I love. What doesn't seem to change each time though, is how easily I see us literally "giving away" our time - most often unconsciously.

In our workshop, the delegate actually plots where they believe they focus their time both at work and at home or over the weekend. This exercise never ceases to amaze me because, virtually without exception, the delegate ends up with hours of activity which the estimated total of their waking time simply can't accommodate.

They're as fascinated as I am. We are really not good at understanding where our days and weeks are being consumed. A module of this workshop focuses on exploring our most common time wasters. Here are a few:

• Incorrect use of our electronic devices. Computers, cell phones, tablets etc. can, and often do, control us rather than the other way round.
• Lack of planning.
• Lack of self-discipline when it comes to following plans we have taken time out to formulate.
• Lack of competency in certain areas of our work life.
• Lack of team work.
• Poor communication skills or processes.
• Lack of assertiveness.
• Not effectively identifying and sticking to our priorities.
• Procrastination – we have whole module devoted to this dangerous time waster.
• Lack of interest or passion.

These are but a few of the most common stumbling blocks to correct usage of our allotted time. There are many more and we identify and discuss tools specifically designed to help you over these hurdles in an effective and practical way.

We have one more course between now and the end of the year. Don't delay, (procrastination!!), call us and book your place. Take control - start the New Year with an organised mind and work life!

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