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Published: 15th of Oct 2021 by: Lize Testa

Compiling Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR) sounds like just another hoop we need to jump through to get a mere 20% of our SDL contributions back. While a lot of smaller companies decide the effort is just not worth the money they get back, bigger companies submit in order to up their BBBEE points.

Looking at the bigger picture, one quickly realises the importance of submitting the ATR and WSP. With the help of a qualified Skills Development Facilitator (SDF), submitting these plans are really not that difficult and time consuming.

Think of SDFs as the foot soldiers of the training sector. They gather information about your employees and the skills your company need to move forward to grow to create more job opportunities. This information goes into the WSP and ATR. The SETA then takes this information from all their clients, put it together and then compile their Sector Skills Plan.

A Sector Skills Plan (SSP) serves as a comprehensive document that outlines the skills demand and supply resulting in the skills gaps that exist in a sector. This skills gap (scarce or critical skills) informs the development of pivotal interventions (usually in the form of discretionary grants) aimed at addressing skills needs in the sector.

With the help of these discretionary grants more job opportunities are created through initiatives like learnerships for the unemployed. The discretionary grants also make provision for learnerships and skills programmes for employed staff, thus resulting in more skilled workers.

While some companies train their HR to act as an internal SDF, most companies opt for external SDFs to assist with their training needs.

The functions of SDFs include
• Liaising with various SETAs
• Assisting your company to do a Training Needs Analysis
• Structure and implement a Skills Development Plan, while taking into consideration the company’s organisational objectives, the individual’s career path and the skills gaps within the industry based on your SETA’s Sector Skills Plan
• Refer the company to accredited training providers
• Guide or inform your company about Discretionary Grants from the SETAs
• And of course, compiling and submitting ATRs and WSP

Staff Training offers a comprehensive SDF service. Email us at for more info or give us a call at 0861 996 660

We are also expanding our team and looking for SDf's to partner with us. So get in touch with us and join the team today!

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