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Published: 30th of Apr 2021 by: Shona Potgieter

Feedback. Something often dreaded by managers and even team members. Especially when it’s not necessarily positive… But feedback is essential to ensure the success of our teams and projects!

The reason we shy away from giving feedback, is often because we don't want to upset someone, we might be worried about causing friction in the working relationship or we may even personally have a bit of 'imposter syndrome'... These thoughts connected to imposter syndrome could look something like this: "Maybe I'm wrong" or "what do I know, someone else will be a better judge"

It is important to remember that even if your feedback is negative it can still be constructive and most of all your team member is most likely really wanting to receive it. Just because you don't like the current graphic, plan or demo, does not mean the feedback has to be delivered in a negative or destructive way. Feedback is not about a personal attack, it is about a better outcome and pushing ourselves to new levels of achievement.

The value of feedback in the workplace is immeasurable.

• Effective feedback is vital to the ongoing development of all employees

• Giving feedback on projects and performance ensures optimal outcomes

• When done right, constructive feedback can motivate employees/team-members and is connected to higher employee engagement, especially with the younger generation who seek it often.

• Effective Feedback can clarify project expectations, saving companies millions in revenue as risks can be seen, problems can be avoided and better results can be delivered.

• Feedback lends additional perspective to projects and can inspire new ideas

There is so much more to say about the value of feedback, but essentially companies that have a strong feedback culture have good workplace communication and happier teams, they retain their employees for longer and they keep their intellectual capital growing!

At Staff Training we offer a highly effective workshop geared towards giving feedback in the workplace. In fact, our Feedback as a Management Tool workshop will be taking place on the 11th of May!

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