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Published: 4th of Jul 2018 by: Matt Wood

And why breaking these habits is so important…

As the receptionist you already know how important your position is - after all, you’re the first point of contact for all callers and visitors to your organisation. You’re the public’s first glimpse into what your organisation is all about and in most cases the impression you leave is the one that sticks.

This means you’ve got to be at the top of your game at all times, which, let’s face it, can be hard to do.

As the “Director of First Impressions” it’s your job to ensure that each and every caller or visitor receives the same outstanding level of service - regardless of how you feel, how busy you are, or how the last caller spoke to you in a way that made you want to cry.

Like I said, being a receptionist is hard…

But no matter how busy your day gets, how many phones are ringing simultaneously, or how your to-do list seems to be growing quicker than you can handle, it’s your job to make sure you don’t fall into these common bad habits:

1. Racing through your greeting

Yes, this is something you probably say hundreds of times a day, and yes, to you it’s the least important part of the conversation, but to the caller it’s not. Ensuring that they’ve reached the right company is the first thing they’ve got to do, and if they don’t clearly hear your greeting, they’ll ask you to repeat it. Now that’s a waste of your time.

2. Not starting every call on a clean slate

We’re only human, and when someone upsets us it’s quite normal to sit with that emotion for a little while. Unfortunately as a receptionist you are simply not afforded that luxury. When the phone rings you have to switch on the charm and leave your personal feelings behind. If this sounds nearly impossible to you, our advice is to start working on your resilience immediately.

3. Automatically placing callers on hold

Nothing makes a caller feel less important than immediately being placed on hold without checking with them first. Yes, yes, you’re very busy and the other two phones are ringing, but part of your job is to ensure that every first impression is a positive one. All you need to do in this instance is ask the caller if they mind being put on hold while you connect their call or find out the information they’ve asked for (then be sure to leave them on hold for no more than a minute!).

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