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Published: 11th of Dec 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

I never grow tired of the fact that I get to work in a profession, with subject matter which really speaks to me, and thoroughly enjoy my job.

And it's you, our delegates, who are responsible for this feeling of well-being with which we are able to close off 2019.

In this profession, I get to meet many people, everyone an individual with their own set of gifts and challenges. This means that every time I present a workshop, which I have presented perhaps 200 times or more, it's always different. I simply can't grow bored. I am interacting with such a varied audience, ensuring that new and interesting view points, issues and solutions are proffered in each and every workshop.

Seldom do I leave a workshop having learnt nothing new. I am enriched constantly through working with your experiences, reactions and openness.

This preamble leads me to the reason for this blog - essentially to thank you for working with us at Staff Training this year and contributing greatly to making it the success it has been.

We present workshops on every topic related to helping you be more effective in your role, both at work and in life generally. Soft skills are the oil that keeps our organisations running properly - without them, intrinsic knowledge cannot be applied in a sustainable fashion. Theory is great, it's vital, but the ability to implement it speaks directly to your effectiveness in all areas of self-mastery.

This is the other reason I find my job so rewarding. I'm working with you to improve your all round ability to communicate effectively, manage yourself and your time in a beneficial manner and learn how to recognise and relate correctly to the emotions of others. In a nutshell this is emotional intelligence. Without emotional intelligence, you're never going to reach your heights. What a privilege it is to work through these concepts with people. I love it!

So, to end off, I want to reiterate our thanks to you. We also want you to know that we are excited to take you with us into 2020. Interestingly, it's our 20th birthday, which means we have been adding value to this industry for quite some time. Like good wine, we have grown more and more through intensive research and development - something that you help us with every time we work with you.

We wish you everything of the best over the holidays; take care and kick back if you're on leave. To those of you who are holding down the fort over this period - thank you. You can smirk at us toiling away in February when you swan off on your well-deserved leave.

Visit our website or email us at for more info, or give us a call at 0861 996 660.

Staff Training is a South African soft skills training provider with more than 60 workshops on offer.

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