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Published: 25th of Feb 2022 by: Staff Writer

Did you know that understanding yourself is key to effective communication? What are your focuses, what are your trigger points, where does your strength lie, how efficient are you at adapting to what is required by the other person?

All of the above has an impact on what we say and how we say it. And as you may already know, what we say and how we say it can gain another's cooperation or shut them down completely...

If we understand ourselves, we're more likely to feel confident enough to operate from a higher level of authenticity - honesty. We're fully on board with our challenges and therefore, more likely to be accepting of others' quirks and frustratingly different focuses.

This is where I would like to bring your attention to the Enneagram.

In short, the Enneagram is a globally acclaimed roadmap to understanding human kind.

The Enneagram helps us to understand ourselves and the various personalities we interact with every day. Working with our underlying motivations as opposed to our visible behaviours, the Enneagram explains why we behave in the manner we do, rather than how we always behave. It is a multi-layered approach to human behaviour highlighting the strengths and challenges of our preferred world vision.

Knowing the Enneagram creates compassion and understanding, spurs forgiveness and tolerance and mostly it inspires us to be the best person we could possibly be.

It is an amazing tool in helping us to gain an overall understanding of where we fit.

Have we mentioned the immense impact it can have on teams?

At Staff Training we have an amazing Team Development workshop that makes use of the Enneagram... We have seen first-hand the positive result is has on a team's dynamic, communication and collaboration, essentially translating to productivity and success!

Are you ready to see it for yourself?

Find out more about our Team Development and Self-Mastery courses today! Email us at for more info.

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