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Published: 19th of Feb 2018 by: Debbie

Today I wish to tell you about a matriculant, let us call her Patricia.

Patricia comes from a family where money is very scarce. She is daughter to a single mom and has a younger sibling. Patricia was fortunate as she received good schooling and she matriculated with a bachelors pass.

Firstly this was not easy for her, she had to work much harder at especially primary school to catch up on English and maths, well maths was always a great challenge for her. Some years were touch and go, but gradually she caught up and with an unbreakable spirit and attitude this kid took life by the horns and she ran at just about every opportunity that came her way.

She didn’t always excel at everything but by the time she was a senior in high school she started winning trophies for drama, she started getting A’s for some of her subjects and she started realizing that she could stand her ground just about anywhere!

Fast forward to today.

Before matriculating at the end of 2017, she had her CV out there, she was actively looking for employment, her worst nightmare was joining the ranks of the unemployed in South Africa and she wanted a head start. Her break came when she was offered a lowly paid vacation job far from home, she would clear hardly any money at all, but she took it as it was an opportunity to gain experience.

As it turns out she impressed the manager of this small business so muchthat he made it his job to find her permanent employment amongst his friends. He did and she started on the 1st Feb at a legal firm as a receptionist.

So why this story? Well it is my ode to her. A way of showing respect to the incredible spirit she has shown, my way of congratulating her on stepping up and out and my way of analyzing what it is that sets her apart.

The answer is simple. Attitude.

She has an attitude of positivity, commitment, learning and openness. She is hungry for knowledge and experience and she has an amazing amount of empathy for those around her. She walks comfortably beside everyone she meets and has no need to be better or worse than them on a personal level, all she wants is to be the best she can be. In a nutshell, this young lady exhibits emotional intelligence.

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