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Published: 15th of Jul 2021 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

If ever there was a time for the human race to have resilience, I guess now is about it!

The ability for us to bounce back quicker and more determined than ever before is crucial to our survival right now. And no, I am not talking about business only. The world is going through unprecedented times and we need to dig deep.

It is with this in mind that I would like to remind you of the Enneagram!

If there is one gift the Enneagram offers it is indeed the gift of resilience. It boosts our understanding of our inner dialogues and behaviour drivers in the form of values, fixations motivations and defence mechanisms. And once we truly see these, we cannot unsee them.

The knowledge pervades every aspect of our being and the result is that we are able to hit the pause button more effectively, giving us the opportunity to choose different reactions.

Imagine this scenario...
You are a naturally cautious person alert to risk and danger. Right now chances are that you are most probably in overdrive as there is very little good news regarding... well, regarding just about anything. You are concerned about income, home security, health, the future.
Imagine there was a tool that could help you recognise when your anxiety is actually working in your favour and when it is working against your progress? Well, that’s the Enneagram.

Second scenario:
You are a naturally kind and loving and giving person alert to the challenges that people face. Right now, chances are that you are most probably in overdrive as there is very little good news regarding... well, regarding just about anything. Starting to get the picture? The tool that allows you to switch off the downward spiral and lock into the upward spiral is indeed the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is used in many and varied forms for individuals, couples and teams. It is a leadership development tool, a resilience development tool, a tool to be used in family units and to be used at work. As accredited Enneagram Practitioners the team at Staff Training are fully qualified to assist you in using this framework to bring out your inner power.

If you are wanting more information, please get in touch with us! Email us at for more info or give us a call at 0861 996 660

© Debbie Engelbrecht 2021

Debbie is the MD at Staff Training, providing soft skills and leadership training for South Africans since 2000. Should you wish for Staff Training to put together an annual training package for you covering aspects of management, wellness and self-mastery, please email

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