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Published: 8th of Sep 2023 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

Everything I read and observe about this man makes me admire his leadership skills more. Authentic and purpose driven, brave, not afraid of risk taking, analytical, visionary and humble. I don’t know him, I wish I did and that leaders with similar styles would be available as mentors to everybody out there.

This article in The Guardian again highlighted how leadership does not need a title. How building for sustainability is the answer and how people and the belief in what you do comes first.

Nobody can deny that Rassie Erasmus, the Head of Rugby in South Africa, has had some major wins as well as some major setbacks, but as we eagerly await the kick off of the 2023 Rugby World Cup he is definitely still on an upward trajectory.

I would imagine that were he to complete an Enneagram profiling, he may well fall into the category of being a loyal sceptic. The individuals who fall into this category are constantly striving to create stability. They have a tremendous loyalty to that or who they believe in and this gives them purpose and direction. And by no means do they follow blindly. Once they have done their research and analysis and they have found what they believe to be the purest way forward, there is no shaking their foundations and they can be some of the bravest leaders out there as they continue to build a thriving environment.

According to the article cited above, Rassie considers his biggest achievement the creation of the EPD (Elite Player Development) pathway. It is this very programme that sees us cheering on the likes of Mapimpi and Am. The mark of a true leader. Building others to reach their true potential.

I specifically however, would like to return to the video Rassie made about the poor reffing decisions in the first game of the Lion's Tour a season or two ago. The facts are indisputable. For the game of rugby to be thoroughly enjoyed globally, the rules of the game need to be interpreted in the same way by all international refs and nobody with any knowledge of the game can deny that
World Rugby had a challenge with match officiating at the time.

Today we are seeing a whole different and more transparent approach to officiating and who do we have to thank for that? A purpose driven South African boytjie from Despatch. Not only has he created a national programme that has influenced the life of thousands of South Africans, he has influenced the global approach to a sport watched and played by millions. It is undeniable, the man is an analyst and a visionary.

I also urge you to read the paragraph about (not) being in the limelight. Consistently working in service of the team and coaching staff, no matter what role he is fulfilling. Rassie is always there removing obstacles to the success of others and the game itself. Lekka Rassie, you are indeed an involved leader. One of the best!

And on a final note... Go Bokke!
We back you all the way!!

© Debbie Engelbrecht 2023

Debbie is the MD at Staff Training, providing soft skills and leadership training for South Africans since 2000. Should you wish for Staff Training to put together an annual training package for you, please email info@stafftraining.co.za

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