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Published: 23rd of Jan 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Welcome back to work all of you who were lucky enough to down tools and head out on holiday.

Once the excitement of a few weeks leave stretching before us is replaced by the reality of a new year, we tend to sit up and take stock of our lives with a view to overhauling all of our bad habits. In fact it’s almost mandatory for us to take a strategic look at the year ahead and set all sorts of wild and wonderful goals – which we seldom ach

This year – let’s break the pattern of failure to meet our goals.

How you ask??

Let’s ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’…yeah, yeah, I know this sounds weird – no one eats elephants, do they?? But weird sounding or not, this analogy spells out exactly why we fail to achieve those passionate dreams over and over again.

We have to break down every goal into a number of smaller ones, be specific, make sure it’s realistic and give it a time limit. Plan in simple detail – build on your plan one brick at a time and develop a means of monitoring your progress towards your larger goal. This can be something as simple as checking in with yourself at a specific time each week to see if you’ve completed that week’s tasks or if you’re falling behind.
If you are, check to see if the timeline you set for this particular task was realistic; we more often than not set totally unrealistic time lines.

So here’s one goal myriad people set on January 1st after all the yummy holiday food: “I’m going to be fitter and thinner this year”. Wow, that’s one big elephant you’re about to swallow… whole!
Seriously ask yourself what that means to you, and please do so before you rush out and sign up for a two year gym contract under the illusion that you’ll be going 5 times week, all 52 weeks in 2019.

Rather take a look at your present lifestyle and see if you can fit 30 minutes walking, 3 times a week between 6-6.30 on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Gym can come later – once you’ve established your walking pattern. It becomes the logical next step, and it’s done strategically – not impulsively.

Assess your food intake and set a goal where you eat 3 slices of bread a day instead of 4 for the next two weeks. Then reduce it to 2 slices and so on.

By now you should be getting the picture of how you ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’.

We have a number of courses tailored to assist you in moving ahead with clear, logical thinking.
For instance, our Stress and Time Management Course covers how to work with simple but effective tools to manage yourself. These include how to prioritise everything in your life, including your goals.

Get down to basics and understand why you’re not achieving what you believe you could – give us a call and join us on one of our highly interactive workshops as soon as possible – before you start dining on your ‘elephant’ all alone!

Email us at for more info or give us a call at 0861 996 660

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