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Published: 20th of Aug 2021 by: Shona Potgieter

Stress is normal, we experience it every day. Whether the stress is work related, triggered by aspects of your personal life or due to finances... Stress does unfortunately form part of our lives.

Especially now... I think we can all agree that 2020-2021 has felt like a constant rollercoaster of stress and anxiety. I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to get off and take a break... On a beach. In Bali.

But in all seriousness, at what point does it become a necessity to actively manage your stress? Well, when it starts interfering with your life.

You don't want to be stressed to the point where it affects your health, interferes with your work performance or personal relationships... Stress should be managed, ideally before it gets to this point.

Today I want to focus on how stress can affect your performance at work:

When we are very stressed, we may start to struggle with a lack of focus, productivity, creativity and communication to name a few... It also has an effect on our decision making and problem solving. This all, in turn, could lead to time-wastage and mistakes.

In fact, time management and stress are closely linked- When we're stressed, we could struggle to properly manage our time. And when our time-management is poor, it could lead to more stress. Sounds like a vicious circle, doesn't it? So how do we fix it? By focusing on how we deal with stress AND how we spend our time...

At Staff Training, we advocate for Stress and Time Management training. It sets you and your team up for success! How? By empowering you with the knowledge to effectively and successfully manage your stress and time... This workshop helps you inspect the causes of your stress and the obstacles you face, and gives you the tools to overcome these obstacles!

So the next time you find yourself grinding your teeth in your sleep, see your co-worker is a bit more snappy than usual or wonder where your team's productivity and performance has disappeared to... Ask yourself (or HR) if maybe it isn't time to invest in Stress and Time Management training.

We're standing by and ready to help you (and your team) get your groove back!

Staff Training is a South African soft skills training provider with more than 60 workshops on offer.

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