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Published: 19th of Jun 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

I recently watched an old movie with this title. It was cringe-worthy in the extreme and I have to admit that I opted not to finish it.

I bet we could all make a list of the top ten dreadful attributes displayed in our least favourite bosses! Here is my list:

1. The insecure boss – Here is one extremely dangerous individual. They need to undermine you constantly in order to foster insecurity in you – an excellent way of preventing your ever thinking of overtaking them.

2. The divide and rule boss – This person manifests their insecurity by ensuring that no one in the department gets on with anyone else. They’ll confide personal things about others to you and vice versa, thus making everyone suspicious of everyone's motives. Clever – it means that there’s never any cohesive movement against them.

3. The boss who jumps to conclusions – This person doesn’t hear you out and jumps to ill-informed conclusions long before you’ve finished your explanation – refusing to shift their opinion once they’ve reached it.

4. The lovely boss who doesn’t want to upset anyone – Sweet, kind, friendly, but completely lacking in back bone. Won’t make unpleasant decisions – tends to push these onto their underlings and remove themselves from the situation ASAP! This person simply never has your back, no matter how much they would really like to. When the going gets tough, the less than tough get going!

5. The short tempered boss – This boss battles to keep their temper under control and explodes regularly. You’re walking on egg shells most of the time and leave work exhausted even though you haven’t had a particularly productive day.

6. The sarcastic boss – Here you have someone who constantly belittles your abilities generally with a gentle smirk and back handed compliments like: “Thank you for working late last night – I’m pretty sure it’s a first for you, isn’t it?” This is followed by a slap on the back and a chuckle. He was only joking – wasn’t he??

7. The perfectionist boss – Nothing you do is ever good enough. You’ve got mountains of work and she’ll make you re-format a letter because the margin isn’t as wide as she deems acceptable.

8. The boss who simply cannot say sorry – Even though he is patently in the wrong and has no problem pointing out your errors, he just glosses over his own – they don’t count, do they? After all, he’s the boss!

9. The disorganised boss – You spend more time cleaning up their messes than you do tackling your own work. You’re never sure if they will get the figures to you in time for the meeting that you have to attend – despite constant reminders. After all, how can you criticise your boss’s method of working??

10. The boss who always seems to be joking – You never know if she is being serious or not. Consequently, you don’t pay much attention to what she says and all of a sudden, the sky is falling in! They’re furious at you for not prioritising some half-hearted instruction and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of a whirlwind! Where did that come from?

I could add some more to this list, but have to stop somewhere. Our Developing your Management Potential Series, Assertiveness Skills, Communication Excellence and Stress and Time Management courses address all of these issues in a practical and empowering manner. Maybe you should book yourself and your boss on one or two of them!

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