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Published: 13th of Mar 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

It’s not possible for you to answer me unless you have some idea of what Emotional Intelligence actually is.

We certainly know what it isn’t though! The person who swears at the cashier when he makes a mistake with the change is manifesting the same temper tantrum a five year old does when you take his sweets away.

The employee who continually comes late to work because she can’t get up on time is showing a lack of emotional intelligence in terms of self-motivation, reliability, trustworthiness, and so on.

Emotional intelligence arises from the concept of multiple intelligences. In fact the two descriptions are interchangeable. Multiple Intelligences is a great name because it says exactly what it is: being intelligent in a number of different areas.

In short, our level of emotional intelligence is a pretty good indicator of our emotional maturity. It rests on the two pillars of understanding yourself and understanding others (empathy). From this understanding comes the ability to regulate your behaviour.

Only in the last three decades or so have we begun to realise that a person’s success is not only dependant on their IQ – how clever they are academically, but rather on EQ, how emotionally smart they are. IQ is the standard measurement by which we have always been judged and measures how good we are linguistically (language etc.) and logically (maths etc.). But only that.

We now know that a person has many different parts to their make-up which include being artistically smart, body smart, environmentally smart, good at building and maintaining healthy relationships ‘smart’, self-motivationally smart, spatially smart (you understand how things fit together etc.), musically smart and so on. Depending on which methodology you follow, the different areas of emotional intelligence can be broken down in 32 distinct parts.

So you can see just how huge this concept actually is and how important it is for us to develop a high level of emotional intelligence if we want to be a whole, happy and emotionally stable human being.

Join us on one of our Emotional Intelligence courses and prepare to be amazed! It’s a subject about which we are incredibly passionate. It’s the foundation of soft skills.

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Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD of Staff Training, established in 2001. She is a soft skills facilitator and management coach and strives to enthuse, assist and empower her fellow South Africans wherever she has the skill to do so.

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