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Published: 26th of Jun 2020 by: Carolyn Kessler

So who pays our salaries? I'm hoping everyone shouted: "The Customer!", very loudly and with certainty...

I've opened with what appears to be a "no-brainer" question. You're scratching your heads and asking: "Who doesn't know that".

Cast your mind back over the past 3 months or so and recall trips or calls you've have made to companies, shops, restaurants, dealers and so on. How many of those interactions left you feeling like a king or queen once they were over. How many times did you end of the call/visit wanting to promote that particular company to others because of their outstanding customer service?

And, how many times did you leave, feeling frustrated and devalued?

Now transpose your experiences onto how you and your colleagues treat your customers.

Do you:

1. Go the extra mile, even though it's not in your job description? Put yourself out to ensure the customer was treated superbly?

2. Answer the phone in a bright, professional manner at 3.30 pm as well as you did at 8 am?

3. Promise to call a customer back, and just forget because your system doesn't work? Or, you didn't have an answer, and simply waited until you had the information, despite your assurance that they would hear from you that day, even if only to update them on where you were?

4. Tackle your work with a really positive attitude, which rubbed off on your colleagues, as well as customers?

5. Actually feel grateful that you have a job?

6. Find the challenge, satisfaction and enjoyment, inherent in your present position, rather than daydreaming about the perfect job that's waiting for you out there.

7. Try to see the situation from your customer's perspective, ask probing questions, explain steps, and generally give the customer some TLC?

8. Get defensive when someone complains, whether warranted or not? Do you move past your own personal feelings and remained calm, interested and assertive in the face of criticism, rather than losing your cool and screaming back? Or becoming passive aggressive?

9. Spend some time learning about your product? Do you endeavour to understand how your systems work, what your products do, and how you can ensure you are part of the solution and not the problem?

10. Finally, do you leave work with a real buzz - feeling like you made a positive difference to those around you and those who chose to do business with you?

Customer service is integral to your company's success - can you afford to have demotivated, untrained staff, dealing with your 'bread and butter' - your customers?!

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