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Published: 12th of Jun 2017 by: Tamara Benatar

Throughout my studies I always found it annoying when teachers or lecturers would penalise me for incorrect formatting or grammar.

Almost every assignment rubric would include a section on formatting and grammar. I’d ask myself, “How does the way this document is formatted contribute to the content of this assignment?” In hindsight, I realise the value of that potential penalisation as it has taught me a key skill.

I bet nobody ever told you there’s a skill involved when writing a CV and cover letter. If you were to look at a poorly written CV and cover letter with no organisation to it, would you hire that person? Probably not.

When I wrote my first few CV and cover letter drafts, I realised that my teachers and lecturers had given me the tools to properly write a CV and cover letter – obviously I got the job or I wouldn’t be writing this now.

Having good business writing skills is imperative not only when applying for a job but also for when you have that job. In the workplace, we use a variety of mediums to communicate, such as emails, business reports, blog posts and visual presentations to name a few. Emails are used extensively to communicate with colleagues and/or prospective clients or suppliers. We assume that writing an email is simple – all you have to do is type up what you want to tell someone. However, if your email is poorly written it can create a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. If your email is unprofessional, it can turn away prospective clients.

You may be telling yourself that, “I wrote a CV and got the job. I even send out emails and people understand me. So obviously I don’t need this skill". But this is where you’re mistaken. There is always space to learn and always room to grow. Having good business writing skills can also lead to promotions!

Having good business writing skills shows off your intellect, professionalism and capabilities. A lack of these attributes can show off the opposite. Therefore, these skills can influence how colleagues and superiors ultimately see you. The more advanced your skills, the greater the chances for getting promoted.

Any organisation’s greatest asset is its employees. Being able to produce written communication that is both professional and concise as well as having the ability to select the correct word choices and clearly express yourself is a valuable tool to the organisation.

So why not join us on our Business Writing Skills course? The next one will be happening in Durban on the 21st of June 2017. Don’t miss out on acquiring this valuable skill!

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