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Published: 7th of Mar 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Engaged employees deliver good customer service. Disengaged employees deliver lousy customer service. Do you have engaged employees?

How many of these qualities do you recognise in those who work with or for you?

1. They are solution-focussed rather than problem-focussed. These people seek solutions to issues as opposed to becoming bogged down in negative re-cycling of the problems themselves.

2. They understand and internalise the vision of the company.

3. They have no problem taking responsibility for mistakes they make and learn from the experience.

4. They go the extra mile – they get personal satisfaction from a job well done.

5. They are self-motivated, eager to learn and open to new ideas if they can see the benefit.

6. They offer suggestions on ways to improve.

7. They pride themselves on their professionalism.

8. They recognise their colleagues as customers and understand the value of team work.

9. They promote their company to family and friends – their belief in the organisation of which they are a part is patently obvious and engenders positivity in those with whom they come into contact. Positivity is so attractive!

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