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Published: 8th of Mar 2017 by: Staff Reporter

Providing your customers with an experience that really makes them say, "Wow", isn’t as difficult as you might think - in fact with a few simple tweaks to your approach you can start doing it right away.

Three simple tips for creating a “wow” customer experience:

1. Personalise your emails, Tweets, Facebook replies and all other forms of communication, including automated emails.

Adding a bit of personality to your communication with clients, both prospective and existing, goes a long way towards making them feel appreciated. Use your first name when replying to comments on social media and word your automated emails in such a way that the recipient feels as though they have been contacted by another person.

2. Reduce your response time.

Nothing says to me that a company cares more than having my query answered quickly. Whether it’s a general query about price, or a more complicated question that takes time to answer, having contact from the company letting me know what the next steps will be, even if those steps are to have the query passed on to someone more capable of dealing with it, let’s me know that as a customer I am important.

3. Get to know your customers.

More than that though, use this information when chatting with them. Remember which name they prefer to be addressed by - Dr, not Mr Johnson, or Rob instead of Robert - remember which product they enquired about last time you spoke... Make an effort to really get to know your clients and before you know it you’ll be hearing a lot more “Wows” coming out of their mouths.

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