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Published: 2nd of Aug 2018 by: Carolyn Kessler

The term Project Manager, isn’t one which most time constrained parents would think to apply to themselves. Yet it’s exactly what they’re doing day to day, season to season.

Most days, they have to ensure their sleepy kid is woken up on time, fed, watered, has her books, lunch and change of clothes all packed, before she screams out the door to climb into the car.

Then it’s negotiating the traffic whilst attempting to inject some positivity about the day ahead into a less than co-operative, whingeing little passenger. All this has to take place in sequence if they want to achieve the non-negotiable deadline of depositing said child outside the school gates by 8 am.

For most parents, this daily grind is accomplished within the tightest time margins, often with a team of one, whilst they’re simultaneously organising their own frantically busy days.

Would any of these manoeuvres have proven successful if this parent hadn’t planned them out it in detail the night before?
Exactly when they were coping with a tired, grumpy child whom they needed to persuade to complete their homework, take a bath, wash hair, eat supper, brush teeth, put down the cell phone and climb into bed at a reasonable time?

Long before these apparently mundane events could take place, the parent will have undertaken a process of careful planning. They will have ascertained which school to send their child much earlier on.
Looked at all relevant factors such as distance from home, ethos of the institution, how to afford the fees, buy all the requisite uniform and stationery requirements.
They would have observed their child’s strengths and challenges and identified their needs before they thought to book them into a specific school.
In fact the planning probably started even before the possibility of school was on the horizon. It’s all about observation, attention to detail and understanding, how the finished product should look.

Sending your child to the perfect school with all the relevant paraphernalia would be completely useless if you arbitrarily pushed the timeline out by 5 years because you didn’t realise its importance!

Here’s why raising children requires a Project Management approach if both they and you are to make it to their 21st birthday!

Project Management is all about planning and how successful parents unconsciously use its precepts to bring order to their lives:

1. As I’ve said, Project Management is all about planning. Planning in the present for the future in the short, medium and long term.

2. This planning can’t be done in unformed ideas – it needs to be detailed with every single future action identified. This attention to detail is key to a successful outcome.

3. Which leads us in to this point – the desired outcome has to be envisioned in all its aspects before you can identify what actions you need to take in order to achieve the right result.

4. Not only do you need to have a detailed break-down of what the finished result must look like, you must specify this in minute detail. In other words, you’re noting what a quality result should look when ‘held up to the light’.

5. You can’t deliver quality if you don’t know what’s required to achieve it – here’s where you realise that a comprehensive scope definition is essential.

6. You can’t achieve the desired result if you don’t first analyse the process and note all the possible risk factors inherent in its initiation and progress through to completion.

7. You won’t have a clue how to analyse the process if you haven’t first set up clear framework detailing the course this process must follow.

8. For this you need to bring together a properly briefed team which will work together to bring home the prize.

9. You won’t know who to choose for your team if you haven’t identified the type of skills required – it can’t just be a bunch uninterested, poorly skilled people – their capabilities are an essential resource.

10. Which leads us to the fact that you have to know what resources you have in hand or require: time, skills, budget, clarity of vision.

11. And finally, you need to know your completion date – dropping your kid at school at 10.30 in the morning is quite obviously not an option.

I could list another dozen areas where project management planning permeates our lives, or at least the lives of those who are successful.

I won’t do it here though – come join us on our 2 day Basic Project Management workshops.
Project Management is all about planning, which is what allows it to be basic, practical and unerringly accurate once you know how.

For more info on our Basic Project Management workshop Email us at info@StaffTraining.co.za or give us a call at 0861 996 660

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