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Published: 6th of Mar 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Statistically, only one out of 15 people who receive poor customer care actually bring this to the attention of the organisation. Only one!

The other 14 simply take their business elsewhere without uttering a peep! They are, however, much more voluble when complaining to their friends and associates.

It’s estimated they each go on to tell a minimum of four people about how poorly they were treated by your company. That’s another 56 potential customers heading for your competitors….

Let’s identify the 10 most important components of good customer service:

1) Make your customer feel welcome – he’s not an interruption to your day – he’s the reason for your day!!

2) Know your stuff – your customer expects you to be the expert on your product. Your product knowledge is directly proportionate to the level of interest you show in your work.

3) If your customer asks something you don’t know – be honest: “That’s a great question ma’am, let me find out for you immediately…” Then make sure you do find out and pass on the information ASAP.

4) Do not over-promise and under-deliver – this has become a national pastime! If you can’t meet their exact need, tell them what you can do for them – don’t treat them like a moron by fudging the issue.

5) Pay the same amount of attention to your existing customers as you do to those you’re trying to bring on board. It’s four times harder to get back an existing customer who’s experienced bad service than it is to land a new one. Do the maths.

6) Make it easy for your customer to do business with you – don’t make them conform to your systems – design your systems around their needs, not just your own.

7) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Keep your customer in the loop especially when problems arise. Tell them how you’re going to fix the situation and then do it!

8) Don’t prioritise your demanding customers over your easy going ones. This is really inviting when your demanding customer is shrieking at you – but it’s a dumb tactic. They’re all important.

9) Your back-up service is a huge part of the customer experience – they pay for it up front when they choose to do business with you. Make sure you keep this promise.

10) Finally – be consistent. Make sure every department in your organisation delivers a quality service. Your customer is buying the whole organisation – make sure it’s uniformly up to standard in all spheres.

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