Negotiating for Profits


This workshop is designed to assist the learners with the approach and skills necessary to enter competitive sales or buying orientated negotiations. It gives the learner a structured approach to the theory of negotiation easily enabling them to recognise tactics used against them and assisting them in gaining clarity on their own goals, thereby enabling better outcomes. A comprehensive approach to negotiation, this workshop can be presented over one days training. This workshop combines well with the presentation skills training workshop to form a two day training session.


The Negotiator

The What, When, Where, Why and How of a good negotiator, including how to approach clients and clearly communicate your message

Recognising the Five Modes of Conflict

Knowing when to enter which mode with a negotiated outcome in mind. Leveraging on cooperation vs. assertiveness to ensure that positive outcomes are reached. Recognising the steps to building

The 3 Stages of Negotiation

Pre Negotiation, Negotiation and Post Negotiation

The 4 Factors That Influence Negotiations

Look Good and Present Well
Be the First to Give
Learn to Learn
Do Something

Understanding the Concept of Power in Negotiations

Knowing your Absolute Bottom Line and Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement Recognising the science of influence

Putting it all into Practice

Recognising negotiation tactics such as the Salami effect and splitting the difference closing the deal, having a system, paperwork and follow up in place


Sales negotiation is an art. In our opinion the ability to negotiate in a way that leads to maximum benefit for both parties is what makes or breaks not only the sale in question, but also the long term relationship with your client.

All individuals are constantly selling, whether they know it or not. If for example I wanted to go to movies tonight and my partner wanted to go to a club, we would immediately enter some form of negotiation to determine the outcome.

This is no different to your sales people. If for example the client wants to purchase a toaster and the sales person wanted them to see the advantage of purchasing the toaster/kettle combination, it would be a negotiation that determines the outcome.

In sales negotiation, the mode you choose to negotiate in is often determined by your client. Using the incorrect mode at the incorrect time would be detrimental to the sale and the contrary is true too.

Why then not join the myriads of companies that have called us in to present this workshop to all their staff that come into direct contact with clients?

"Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way." ~ Sir David Frost

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