Managing Millennials and Generation Z


Within the next decade 50% of our workforce will comprise Generation Y employees. We need to know how to motivate, communicate with and harness the enormous potential that this generation has to offer. In addition we need to attract and retain their skills in an open and highly mobile international market environment. They are our future!


Recognising Generational Differences

Understanding what generations are, how national events and trends influence generational thinking, how the generation theory needs to be adapted in the South African context and recognising the challenges and strengths of a work force with 4 and soon 5 generations present.

Recognising Current Generation Y Strengths

Leveraging on the strengths and expertise of generation Y and understanding their world

Recognising Current Generation Y Challenges

Recognising the current Generation Y challenges from a business and productivity perspective

How to Motivate Generation Y

Understanding leadership and management requirements for Generation Y addressing the necessary systems and procedures

How to Tap Into Generation Y Energy

Understanding how to leverage youthful energy using collaborative programmes and approaches to retain skills and create organisations that attract the necessary skills

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I thought generation theory was all nonsense as the youth have always been different, now I understand why there is a need for this training. ~ Sean

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